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(ˈkɒŋ klɪŋ)

Roscoe, 1829–88, U.S. lawyer and politician: senator 1867–81.
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Both candidates were considered reformers, men of personal integrity, and somewhat detached from the image of the professional politician that haunted Conkling, Blaine, and others.
The Alexander's daughter, Elizabeth, is currently a Grace Hazard Conkling Poet in Residence and is the director of the Poetry Center at Smith College.
Barbara Haig; a daughter and two nieces of Robert McFarlane; Monica Clark, daughter of Deputy National Security Advisor Bill Clark; Laurette Conkling, daughter of the Voice of America director at the time; and Daniel Wattenberg, son of the popular conservative, Ben.
4] Regional trade center hierarchies have been repeatedly verified in studies by regional scientists [see Conkling, Edgar and Maurice Yeates, Man's Economic Environment, New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc.
Conkling is a seasoned Werner driver who has achieved one million miles of safe driving and was recently named as a member of Werner's Road Team.
You're going to see a tremendous amount of movement next summer, as employers start preparing for 2014 when the exchanges will be launched," says John Conkling a vice president at Fringe Benefits Group Inc.
There is a diverse assemblage of Black-capped Vireo nest predators in the Devil's River region and several had not been previously identified as potential nest predators (Stake and Cimprich 2003, Conkling 2010) including bobcat (Lynx rufus), common raccoon (Procyon lotor), Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus), and the greater arid-land katydid (Smith et al.
Poets include Robert Louis Stevenson, Vachel Lindsay, Christina Rossetti, Hilda Conkling, Edward Lear, Eugene Field, and more, including some treasured lesser known authors.
It's sort of the Rice Krispie of fireworks," says John Conkling, a chemistry professor at Washington College in Maryland.
Previous studies confirm that journals are the most cited reference material, with other formats varying widely (Patterson, 1945; Coile, 1969; Rieb, 1993; Musser and Conkling, 1996; Kim, 2002; Kushkowski et al.
When Frito Lay announced its move away from cottonseed oil a few years ago, the market dropped significantly," says PCOM President Gary Conkling.
There has resulted a gimcrack mess of sorry interferences with legal professional practice such as to vindicate convincingly the observation, rather rueful one is inclined to think, made by Senator Roscoe W Conkling (United States Senator for New York in 1867, 1873 and 1879 and famously corrupt):