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 (kŏn′răd′), Joseph Originally Jósef Korzeniowski. 1857-1924.
Polish-born British novelist noted as a master of atmosphere and narrative technique. His works include Lord Jim (1900), Heart of Darkness (1902), and Nostromo (1904).


(Biography) Joseph. real name Teodor Josef Konrad Korzeniowski. 1857–1924, British novelist born in Poland, noted for sea stories such as The Nigger of the Narcissus (1897) and Lord Jim (1900) and novels of politics and revolution such as Nostromo (1904) and Under Western Eyes (1911)


(ˈkɒn ræd)

1. Charles, Jr., 1930–99, U.S. astronaut.
2. Joseph (Teodor Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski), 1857–1924, English novelist, born in Poland.
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Noun1.Conrad - English novelist (born in Poland) noted for sea stories and for his narrative technique (1857-1924)Conrad - English novelist (born in Poland) noted for sea stories and for his narrative technique (1857-1924)
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Now when a young knight named Conrad von Geisberg heard this, he said that if the castle were his he would destroy that chamber, so that no foolish person might have the chance to bring so dreadful a misfortune upon himself and afflict such as loved him with the memory of it.
This was a better argument; Conrad could not out against it.
At midnight, that night, after the usual feasting, Conrad was taken to the haunted chamber and left there.
Conrad looked up and scanned the faces about him wistfully.
There, Conrad mine, thy kind words kill me--the farce shall go no further
Each in his turn tried to arouse Conrad out of his hallucination and bring him to himself; but all the answer any got was a meek, bewildered stare, and then the words:
During two years Conrad spent his days, from the early morning till the night, under the linden tree, mourning over the imaginary grave of his Catharina.
When Conrad died, they buried him under the linden, according to his directions, so that he might rest "near his poor Catharina.
There's only one man who could touch it," he murmured aloud, "and that's Conrad.
On Saturday, Conrad was spotted at her friends Cassie Herschenfeld and Ben Katz's wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California.
My perceived authority on the subject springs from the circumstances that Conrad is my friend and that it was to me that he and Zsa Zsa first talked about their relationship, about two years ago.
Even though Wells was the more openly revered writer by early modernists like Conrad and James, here we see Wells couldn't help but assimilate some imagery, language, and themes from devotees like Conrad.