Conrad Joseph


 (kŏn′răd′), Joseph Originally Jósef Korzeniowski. 1857-1924.
Polish-born British novelist noted as a master of atmosphere and narrative technique. His works include Lord Jim (1900), Heart of Darkness (1902), and Nostromo (1904).
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DETECTIVE Constable Conrad Joseph was present when Morris was confronted at the Oldbury engineering works where he was employed.
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Retired Detective Constable Conrad Joseph worked at Walsall CID and had interviewed Morris in the attempted abduction case which eventually saw him snared.
Mailman NICK MCCARTHY talks to former Midland detective Conrad Joseph, who played a key role in catching evil 1960s child killer Raymond Leslie Morris.
But Conrad Joseph said: "In 2011 he continues to be in denial of the offences he committed.