connecting rod

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con·nect·ing rod

A rod that transmits motion or power from one moving part to another, especially the rod connecting the crankshaft of a motor vehicle to a piston. Also called pitman.

connecting rod

1. (Mechanical Engineering) a rod or bar for transmitting motion, esp one that connects a rotating part to a reciprocating part
2. (Automotive Engineering) such a rod that connects the piston to the crankshaft in an internal-combustion engine or reciprocating pump. See also big end, little end
3. (Automotive Engineering) a similar rod that connects the crosshead of a steam engine to the crank
Often shortened to: con rod

connec′ting rod`

a rod or link for transmitting motion and force between a rotating and a reciprocating part, as between a piston and a crankshaft.
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Noun1.connecting rod - a rod that transmits motion (especially one that connects a rotating wheel to a reciprocating shaft)connecting rod - a rod that transmits motion (especially one that connects a rotating wheel to a reciprocating shaft)
piston rod - connecting rod that moves or is moved by a piston
rod - a long thin implement made of metal or wood
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The engine test was split with the Microcapsule coated parts occupying conrod positions 3 and 4, and the current standard polymeric product (F3) in conrod positions 1 and 2.
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Porsche said the fires were caused by a faulty threaded connection in a conrod inside the engine block.
The Templeton resident and his assistant, Michael Conrod of Plymouth (aka Barbecue Mike), are representing New England in competition against two other teams from England and Minnesota tonight at 9 p.
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