connecting rod

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con·nect·ing rod

A rod that transmits motion or power from one moving part to another, especially the rod connecting the crankshaft of a motor vehicle to a piston. Also called pitman.

connecting rod

1. (Mechanical Engineering) a rod or bar for transmitting motion, esp one that connects a rotating part to a reciprocating part
2. (Automotive Engineering) such a rod that connects the piston to the crankshaft in an internal-combustion engine or reciprocating pump. See also big end, little end
3. (Automotive Engineering) a similar rod that connects the crosshead of a steam engine to the crank
Often shortened to: con rod

connec′ting rod`

a rod or link for transmitting motion and force between a rotating and a reciprocating part, as between a piston and a crankshaft.
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Noun1.connecting rod - a rod that transmits motion (especially one that connects a rotating wheel to a reciprocating shaft)connecting rod - a rod that transmits motion (especially one that connects a rotating wheel to a reciprocating shaft)
piston rod - connecting rod that moves or is moved by a piston
rod - a long thin implement made of metal or wood
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