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adv.1.Reasonably; justly.
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I remember greatly offending someone who sent me a revision of a poem, and I wrote back, the only honest comment I could conscionably give, "I don't really see any significant difference between this one and the original.
Brown thus envisions individuals engaging both consciously and conscionably with the institutions of civic society in an attempt to make life better for others.
Here, Woods' sympathetic portrayal of Johnson clouds the facts that by 1967 and 1968, the war in Vietnam was on an increasingly ruinous course--many who had supported the war in the mid 1960s could not conscionably do so by the decade's later years.
If the Democrats who dominate Sacramento are adamant about raising taxes somewhere, tobacco might be the one place where Republicans could conscionably give in, because unlike the VLF, an excessive cigarette tax could be so easily avoided.
to joyne together, in watching, fasting, praying, reading the Scriptures, keeping his Sabboths, hearing Sermons, receiving the holy Communion, relieving the Poore, exercising in all humilitie the workes of Pietie to God, and walking conscionably in the duties of our calling towards men.
Though as recently as ten years ago the human rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals were regarded as an issue of controversy, today a society, claiming to be called democratic and aware of the recent past, cannot conscionably turn its back on homosexual issues.
Sometimes you can't conscionably do the latter," he says.