Consequential damage

(Law) Damage so remote as not to be actionable
Damage which although remote is actionable.
Actionable damage, but not following as an immediate result of an act.
See under Consequential.

See also: Consequential, Consequential, Consequential, Damage

References in classic literature ?
If A, is the penny sufficient, or may he claim consequential damages in the form of additional money to represent the possible profit which might have inured from the dog, and classifiable as earned incre- ment, that is to say, usufruct?
This consultation relates to construction insurance services - liability of the Client for the physical, material, immaterial, consequential damage or not, and any harm to the environment accidentelle.
If a vessel is underway in an area where there are floating nets or lines, the Net Protector ring blocks them from getting entangled in the seal itself and thereby prevents consequential damage to the seal.
This consultation relates to construction insurance services - civil liability of the owner for the physical, material, immaterial, consequential damage or not, and any accidental damage to the environment.
The execution of the mission should, moreover, lead to the possibility for the contracting authority to purchase, at the end of implementation, an insurance covering the damage to structures and the consequential damage to third parties to these, for one period of ten years commencing on the acceptance of works.
They fix time, but they're not pretty about it and they break a lot of eggs on the way to their omelets, whereas the Time Bureau is much more proper and they turn sharp corners and they do it without all the consequential damage to property and time, but probably also with a lot less fun.
Acceleration is measured over a range of 0 to 25g, and vibration frequency up to 6000Hz, said to make the VNB211 from ifm electronic a simple and interesting solution for small motors, fans and pumps, which are often monitored manually or not at all and monitoring by vibration severity to ISO 10816 can avoid unplanned down-time and costly consequential damage.
For the second year in a row, the actual presidential vacuum had far-reaching consequential damage not only on the economy but also on reflecting a negative image of Lebanon abroad, he warned.
The programme will also offer 165 checks to ensure the car is in good condition, and a consequential damage warranty up to the cost of the car.
Quick Check was developed following feedback from customers and prospective customers who told us that, when thinking about applying for a card, they feared rejection and the consequential damage to their credit file.
Pictures of two children killed in the air strikes dominated more than half of Al-Ayyam's front page, whereas Al-Hayat Al-Jadida and Al-Quds printed pictures of the consequential damage to Palestinian houses in Gaza.