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Noun1.Conservative Jew - Jew who keeps some requirements of Mosaic law but adapts others to suit modern circumstances
Conservative Judaism - Jews who keep some of the requirements of the Mosaic law but allow for adaptation of other requirements (as some of the dietary laws) to fit modern circumstances
Jew, Hebrew, Israelite - a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties
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There is not much a conservative Jew can find in the pages of your magazine.
Chelsea, 30, who is Methodist, is to marry her hedge fund manager beau Marc Mezvinsky, 32, a Conservative Jew, in a three million dollar (approximate cost) wedding in Rhinebeck, a quaint rural weekend getaway in New York's Hudson Valley.
Senator Joseph Lieberman, an independent senator from Connecticut and a conservative Jew, shares McCain's position on Iraq and campaigned in south Florida July 20-21 on behalf of McCain.
It's part of our holy Scripture,'' said Dubin, a Conservative Jew.
Potok, born into an Orthodox home in the Bronx, eventually became a Conservative Jew and got a degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary.
Bean himself is a conservative Jew and argues his film, inspired by the true story of a Jewish neo-Nazi who killed himself when the truth was exposed, is a hymn to Judaism.
Joe Lieberman, a conservative Jew who is the Democrats' VP candidate, challenged Bush's energy proposals, given Bush's personal links to the oil industry.
Orthodoxy would do well to argue with a committed, learned, affiliated Conservative Jew who does not agree with Orthodoxy's view of Torah than mourn for the assimilated Jew who discards his/her Jewish identity.
I haven't heard anybody try to refute the idea that the Jews have some sense of self hatred,'' says Bean, himself a Conservative Jew from Philadelphia.
Abrams, a self-described religiously "somewhat observant Conservative Jew," offers his vision of what American Jewish life could be if only Jews turn their backs on liberal causes.
altruism to my identity as a Conservative Jew, and what implication does

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