Conservative system

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(Mech.) a material system of such a nature that after the system has undergone any series of changes, and been brought back in any manner to its original state, the whole work done by external agents on the system is equal to the whole work done by the system overcoming external forces.

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The purpose of this paper is to challenge that assumption by suggesting some purely naturalistic and independently plausible premises that can be used to argue for a much more conservative system of sexual ethics than is widely accepted today.
I see changes but they do usually go a little bit slowly in China, at least in sport, because it is a very conservative system.
They accuse Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood of dominating power in Egypt, effectively stepping in to the same role as ousted President Hosni Mubarak and failing to carry out reforms while also seeking to instill a more religiously conservative system.
Summary: Governor Riad Salameh said that Lebanese commercial banks are capable of weathering any financial, political and security risks thanks to the conservative system adopted by these lenders.
IRELAND midfielder Keith Fahey has claimed his attacking talents are wasted in Giovanni Trapattoni's conservative system.
The first definition of a "Nonlinear Normal Mode" (NNM) of a conservative system [2], according to whom a NNM is a periodic oscillation where all material points of the system reach their maximum displacement at the same instant of time, and they all pass through their equilibrium position at another instant of time more recently; besides this definition was also extended to non-conservative systems.
The motors are assumed inactive thus allowing us to model the system as double pendulum and a conservative system.
A conservative system with little room for partisan logics
MATTHEW Gibson, from Billingham, said: "McClaren was probably right to play a conservative system against Newcastle and Liverpool because at the start of the season we'd have taken away draws against both sides.
If you've gone through a more conservative system it tends to leave its imprint.
Though the Swiss are an attack-minded side, I wouldn't be surprised to see their coach set up a more conservative system.