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Consolidated Fund

(Economics) Brit a fund into which tax revenue is paid in order to meet standing charges, esp interest payments on the national debt

consolidated fund

n (Brit Fin) → konsolidierter Staatsfonds, unablösbare Anleihe
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According to Okowa, 'the Basic Health-care Fund which is at least one percent of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federal Government is supposed to have counterpart funding from states and local governments and to be administered partially by the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency and also by the state through the state Primary Healthcare Development Agency and Local Government Health Authority.
The company's strong financial outcomes and solid liquidity along with its status as an agent Crown corporation whose debts are payable out of Canada's consolidated revenue fund and its exclusive position in letter mail delivery are further rating positives.
The Speaker ruled that, based on Canadian parliamentary practice, any new or additional legislative authorization to spend from the Consolidated Revenue Fund must be accompanied by a royal recommendation.
The funds went into the federal consolidated revenue fund (CRF), paid very low savings bond interest, and represented (according to band pundits) a very low-cost loan from the Indian band to the federal government.
Money was poured into Indian Affairs' consolidated revenue fund and was used as a government asset rather than a Samson Cree asset, he alleges.
For Financement-Quebec, payment of debt service is unconditionally guaranteed by the Province from the consolidated revenue fund.
Section 5(3) subject to subsection an expenditure from the Excess Revenue Fund Account shall be in accordance with Section 2 and 3 of the Principal Act, provided that the Federation Allocation Account Committee shall prescribe the manner of distributing such money to the Consolidated Revenue Fund for the purpose of this bill and the Sovereign wealth fund'.
It should be stressed that the royal recommendation solely applies to "spending"--the withdrawal of public funds from the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) (1).
Funds from this sale will be used for normal operating needs of the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Other alterations approved by the Assembly were, reducing the period within which the President or Governor authorises the withdrawal of monies from the Consolidated Revenue Fund to three months and specifying the period within which the President or Governor should present its appropriation bill to the legislature.

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