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n.1.A constabulary.
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In early 1946, the Army slowed its return of troops from overseas to meet its constabulatory requirements in Germany and Japan, which elicited another public outcry to speed up demobilization.
The history describes the resentment of the actions of the British political establishment, the experiences and difficulties of the Royal Irish Constabulatory (RIC) during the campaign and its relationship to the army, views of the IRA, intelligence and tactical operations, and encounters such as the Partry Ambush and the burning of Ballinlough RIC Barracks.
This differs significantly from the existing scenario where the Canadian military's combat readiness and effectiveness are constantly being degraded in order to participate in constabulatory peacekeeping missions.
Sergeant Troy Anderson, an official spokesperson for Jamaica's Constabulatory Communication Network - a division of the police department - said, "About twenty minutes after takeoff, a distress call was made to air traffic control and the Cirrus airplane's emergency airframe recovery parachute system was activated.