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As to the other King, he was really fond of his wife, Queen Constance, but he often grieved her by his thoughtless ways, and in order to punish him for his carelessness, the fairies caused her to die quite suddenly.
Then she resumed her natural shape, and he found that the bird was no other than the Queen Constance, whom he had long believed to be dead.
The destruction of Crispus, a young prince of rare towardness, by Constantinus the Great, his father, was in like manner fatal to his house; for both Constantinus and Constance, his sons, died violent deaths; and Constantius, his other son, did little better; who died indeed of sickness, but after that Julianus had taken arms against him.
For the great airships with which Germany attacked New York in her last gigantic effort for world supremacy--before humanity realized that world supremacy was a dream--were the lineal descendants of the Zeppelin airship that flew over Lake Constance in 1906, and of the Lebaudy navigables that made their memorable excursions over Paris in 1907 and 1908.
MY DEAREST CONSTANCE, After three months of intense excitement I snatch a leisure moment to tell you how much I enjoy my first visit to London.
Constance Hotels & Resorts sets feet on the island of Pemba, in the Zanzibar Archipelago.
Clifford y Constance volvieron a su hogar, Wragby Hall, "sede" de la familia .
Constance Doheny died at Coventry's University Hospital last year with no will and no next of kin, but left an estate worth a quarter of a million pounds.
Now, in a letter to UK immigration minister Brandon Lewis, Holyrood communities secretary Angela Constance has revealed that "only a couple of hundred unaccompanied children" have so far been transferred under the scheme.
TD&P owner/author and theologian Mel Constance has found the answers to why evil exists and wants to help clergy and other individuals understand the "Whys" and protect themselves with her latest booklet "Why Evil Exists and How To Stop It" with a special book sale offered by Tenacity Design & Publishing.
The journey of healing and reconciliation took another step in Constance Lake, with the signing of an historic electricity agreement with the Ontario government, but the chief says there is still a lot of work to be done.