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Noun1.Constant Lambert - English composer and conductor (1905-1951)
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In the sadly forgotten camp is Constant Lambert (father of The Who's manager Kit), who produced the film score for the 1948 movie Anna Karenina, all blurrily lush strings over chimes and drums, and swooning, sweeping themes punctuated by a lovely little oboe lament.
The Capriol Suite appears on these two discs from Divine Art, conducted both by Anthony Bernard and Constant Lambert.
I appreciate that it had become totally unfit for purpose, but as you moved from room to room--few of which were on the same level--you encountered a range of works as varied as Mortimer's portraits, Christopher Wood's reclining figure of Constant Lambert, a room devoted to Eric Ravilious--another local boy--and Henry Moore's plaster The King and Queen, on loan from the Henry Moore Foundation, set against a bay window with the gardens beyond.
Even Johnson himself was not immune to this position: when he envisioned turning God's Trombones into a kind of oratorio, he turned to the British composer Constant Lambert, despite the fact that he was well aware of the wealth of musical talent in his own city.
There was little debate about the identity of the model for this character: he was based on Powell's friend Constant Lambert.
The real joys of this book are the discoveries of lesser-known people such as Constant Lambert or the painter, Adrian Daintrey.
A partial roster of such distinguished figures might include Arthur Bliss, Elizabeth Maconchy, Constant Lambert, Howard Ferguson, Herbert Howells, John Ireland, and Peter Warlock.
The Englishman Constant Lambert (1905-51) was a busy conductor, especially of ballet, but also a gifted composer and writer of music.
The opening concerts of the 1999/2000 season include an all-English programme of Vaughan Williams, Walton and Constant Lambert and he will also be having a mini-residency in Paris which he shares with former CBSO music director Sir Simon Rattle in November.
Who could deny that charming country gentleman, Sir Adrian Boult, a wheezing Constant Lambert, a teasing Sir John Barbirolli and a shy Basil Cameron?
The dancers are Margot Fonteyn, Robert Helpmann, Moira Shearer, Beryl Grey, Violetta Elvin, Pamela May, Harold Turner, Michael Somes, Alexis Rassine, John Hall, and a company of 60 under the direction of Ninette de Valois, Frederick Ashton, and Constant Lambert.
2) Its cast list included names still familiar today: Moira Shearer, Margot Fonteyn, Michael Soames danced; Robert Helpmann spoke and danced; Michael Hordern played the part of Bottom the Weaver; Constant Lambert reorganized the score and conducted the performances; Michael Ayrton designed the sets and costumes; and Frederick Ashton produced and choreographed.