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(ˌkɒn stæn tɪˈnɛs ku)
Emil, born 1939, president of Romania since 1996.
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40 213055530 , In atentia: Octavian Clement CONSTANTINESCU Consilier Personal al Primarului General - , Dragos Dimitriu - sef serviciu, Rodica Olariu - expert DPA , Email: directiaproceduriachizitii@pmb.
Ion Constantinescu, in turn, has sketched a portrait of the King as an all-knowing character: "He's versed in literature, in science, in arts, in music, in poetry and the military art has no lock hidden or mysterious to him.
Blue Air's commercial manager Tudor Constantinescu stressed that the company's main asset is low prices, adding that the airline has the capacity to adhere to all passengers' needs.
The band - Gared Sanne on vocals, Aaron Pierce on electric guitar, Carlton Garton on electric guitar, Charles Gallegos on drums and Elijah Constantinescu on bass - offers original songs that are composed in collaboration, taking advantage of each member's talents.
Tudor Constantinescu, Blue Air chief commercial officer, added: "We are particularly happy to see our new route starting today.
The cast of young singers, all as beautiful as models, was pretty much flawless: as Dorabella, Roxana Constantinescu was impressively agile; Miah Persson was a lightweight Fiordiligi, but with beautiful timbre; Welsh soprano Rosemary Joshua was excellent vocally and funny as Des-pina; Alek Schrader produced a rich-toned Ferrando; and, as Guglielmo, Philippe Sly proved an extraordinary singer with both beauty of timbre and a musical finesse of the highest calibre.
Key speakers at today's opening ceremony are Egyptian Grand Mufti Shawqi Abdel Karim Allam, former Russian vice-president Alexander Rutskoy, former Croatian president Stjepan Mesic and former Romania president Dr Emil M Constantinescu, among other top religious leaders.
The President of the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy Emil Constantinescu said that the event was held at a time when various countries were suffering from wars and conflicts, calling for the need to take advantage of the summit to agree on mechanisms to enhance global peace.
Repeated crises have shown that, unfortunately, punctual preventive interventions are not sufficient and should be inserted in complex, long-term actions, which are to take into consideration the assembly of the problems capable of destabilizing them, from the economic difficulties, to the stereotypes rooted in divergent mentalities, from the precariousness of communication channels to the unconventional security risks" (3), underlines Professor Emil Constantinescu, the former president of Romanaia.
Victor Ponta to Chisinau also includes: Daniel ChiA[pounds sterling]oiu, Deputy Prime Minister, Public Finance Minister, Mircea Dusa, Minister of National Defence, Robert Cazanciuc, Minister of Justice; Remus PRICOPIE, Minister of Education, Constantin Nita, Minister Delegate for Energy, Raed Arafat Secretary of State, Ministry of Health; Bogdan Aurescu, Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mihai ALBULESCU, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy, Mihnea Constantinescu, Ambassador with special assignments.
From March 20-24, the Municipality of Jounieh will be transformed into an artistic hub, exhibiting photographs by Daniel Constantinescu, who analyzed the French influence on the architecture of Romanian palaces, buildings and bucolic houses.
m, Midtown Center, 11 West 42nd Street, New York, Panelists include Joe Charczenko, Construction Risk Partners; Joe Mizzi, Sciame Construction; Mihnea Constantinescu, Visiting Assistant Professor, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate.
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