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 (kôn′stänts′) also Con·stance (kŏn′stəns)
A city of southwest Germany on the Lake of Constance south of Stuttgart. Thought to have been founded c. ad 300, it is a tourist center with varied industries.


(Placename) the German name for Constance


(ˈkɒn stəns)

1. Lake. German, Bodensee. a lake in W Europe, bounded by Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 46 mi. (74 km) long; 207 sq. mi. (536 sq. km).
2. German, Konstanz. a city in S Germany, on this lake: church council 1414–18. 68,305.
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Very different is the beautiful shorter version, which concentrates exclusively on the traveler, the poet homeward bound on a ferry taking him across Lake Constanz, after yet another tiresome period of home teaching and private studying in Switzerland.
Selected Papers of the Constanz School of Reception Theory], Brno, Host.
The same idea is given by the implicational universals of the Universities Constanz and the universals of World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)1.
It was presented at the Council of Constanz (1414-18) in connection with scholastic differentiation between just and unjust wars.