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 (kən-stän′sə, kôn-stän′tsä)
A city of southeast Romania on the Black Sea east of Bucharest. Founded in the sixth century bc as a Greek colony, it is the country's main seaport.


(Romanian konˈstantsa)
(Placename) a port and resort in SE Romania, on the Black Sea: founded by the Greeks in the 6th century bc and rebuilt by Constantine the Great (4th century); exports petroleum. Pop: 265 000 (2005 est)


(kɔnˈstɑn tsɑ)

a seaport in SE Romania on the Black Sea. 279,308.
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Mrs Gracia Morton (front) with her sister Constanza Lezama and (above) the scene outside the Mortons' London home yesterday.
The packages include coupons from Athienitis supermarket for the purchase of food and other items, coupons for free fuel from Exxon Mobil and entrance tickets to the Christmas Wonderland in the Constanza moat.
Details: Suprema Corte de Justicia: Centro de los Heroes de Constanza, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
For parking metres in the Municipality of Nicosia and roads with pay and display machines send an SMS to 9211, for D'Avila, Tripoli, Constanza, Podokataro, Mikonos, Grivas Dighenis, Pentadaktylos, Costis Palama and the children's play area under Solomou Square send to 9212, for Ledra-Ariadne and Phaneromi send to 9213, for Solonos Street parking area send to 9215 and for the parking area at the Municipal Swimming Pool send to 9216.
She said that program efforts have enabled them to rescue 1,405 children from child labor in Azua, San Jose de Ocoa and Constanza farm areas.
Centro de los Heroes, de Constanza, Maimon y Estero Hondo.
The DR will borrow another US$131 million from Brazil to build the Pinalitos Hydroelectric Dam in the area of Constanza.
Agriculture Minister Eligio Jaquez has announced a record seeding of 19,000 tareas (629 square meters or 1195 hectares) of garlic in the Constanza and Tireo valleys, reports Listin Diario (Oct.
The Ministry of Agriculture project also calls for the construction of 50 cold storage units in Santo Domingo, Constanza, Bani, La Vega and San Juan de la Maguana.
En ella, la actriz, nacida en Vilalba (Lugo), interpreta a la reina Constanza de Borgona, casada con el rey Alfonso VI.
for more information contact rosina constanza, 619-5143, rconstanza@chulavistaca.
Beer lovers are expected to flock to the island's premier beer event which opens its doors at the Constanza part of the moat encircling old Nicosia on Friday night.