Constituted authorities

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the officers of government, collectively, as of a nation, city, town, etc.
- Bartlett.

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While this cry was at the loudest, the people were surprised by the well-known figure of Governor Bradstreet himself, a patriarch of nearly ninety, who appeared on the elevated steps of a door, and, with characteristic mildness, besought them to submit to the constituted authorities.
We afterwards learned that our eccentric friend had been a lieutenant in the English navy; but having disgraced his flag by some criminal conduct in one of the principal ports on the main, he had deserted his ship, and spent many years wandering among the islands of the Pacific, until accidentally being at Nukuheva when the French took possession of the place, he had been appointed pilot of the harbour by the newly constituted authorities.
Always well disposed to assist the constituted authorities, Miss Abbey bade Bob Gliddery attend the gentlemen to that retreat, and promptly enliven it with fire and gaslight.
With every sentiment of veneration for the constituted authorities, Mr.
And Chief Inspector Heat, arrested within six paces of the anarchist nick-named the Professor, gave a thought of regret to the world of thieves - sane, without morbid ideals, working by routine, respectful of constituted authorities, free from all taint of hate and despair.
Ay, and no fellow ever acted up to them better, though he was always a people's man--for the fags, and against constituted authorities.
Signed by Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Peter Ong, the DOJ petition claimed the communist rebels aimed 'to overthrow the duly constituted authorities and to seize control of the Philippine government through armed struggle.
Ashokpa called on Nigerian youths to be law abiding, respect constituted authorities and eschew violence in their pursuit for a better welfare.
From the foregoing, respondents CPP and NPA are merely buying time by deceiving the Philippine government in entering into peace talks, while their main purpose is to mobilize all their forces in preparation for the 'people's war' aimed at overthrowing the duly constituted authorities, seizing control of the Philippine government and imposing a totalitarian regime,' the 55-page petition read.
It also condemned in the strongest term any form of armed violence and coup attempt to overthrow legally constituted authorities in Turkey and in African countries.
Oh, of course, our constituted authorities go through certain motions of control.
The UN mission further urged "the Government of Southern Sudan and other duly constituted authorities to further strengthen their efforts to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes.