construction site

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مَوْقِع البِناءمَوقِع بِناء
építési terület
건축 부지
inşaat alanıinşaat sahası
công trường


(kənˈstrakt) verb
to build; to put together. They are planning to construct a new supermarket near our house; Construct a sentence containing `although'.
conˈstruction (-ʃən) noun
1. (a way of) constructing or putting together. The bridge is still under construction.
2. something built. That construction won't last long.
conˈstructive (-tiv) adjective
helpful; having to do with making, not with destroying. Constructive criticism tells you both what is wrong and also what to do about it.
conˈstructively adverb
conˈstructor noun
a person who constructs. a constructor of bridges.
construction site
a building site.
construction worker
a builder.

construction site

مَوْقِع البِناء staveniště byggeplads Baustelle εργοτάξιο obra rakennustyömaa chantier gradilište cantiere 建設現場 건축 부지 bouwterrein byggeplass plac budowy estaleiro, local de obras строительная площадка byggarbetsplats บริเวณที่ก่อสร้าง inşaat alanı công trường 建筑工地
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The deal includes engineering, procurement, construction site work, putting up of a converter station and installation of converter equipment.
Reportedly an earth mover in the construction site of YeE-ilpynar subway station in EyE-p, dug through the gas pipe accidentally.
Unidentified people stormed the warehouse of his company which is located on the Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, close to a construction site," he said.
Police were called to the construction site located on George Road as the child was taken to hospital in crucial conditions.
Dubai: Twenty Asian men were arrested for stealing electric cables from construction sites in Dubai and other emirates with police revealing that a series of incidents of cable theft had witnessed criminals resorting to similar methods.
The Newport Primary School pupils' designs were on display on hoardings surrounding the construction site of Erimus Housing's new development in St Paul's Road and Union Street, Newport, Middlesbrough.
One of them impersonated the construction site manager and the other two posed as employees.
This is being used to bring the construction site into the classroom, to make the whole construction process more visible and enhance the learner''s experience.
Future plans include educational guides on selecting a Demolition and Construction Site Cleanup contractor, professional advice from local Demolition experts, and a question and answer forum for Anaheim homeowners.
Likewise, the project director at the construction site of the ministry of education's building, Hadeel al-Wael, gave the prime minister and the officials accompanying him a concise report on how far the construction had reached.
BEIRUT: A Syrian man was shot and killed while attempting to rob a group of attendants at a construction site near Jounieh, north of Beirut, a security source said Wednesday.
As a part of the weather guide, responsible contractors and construction site managers should develop an action plan that includes proper task-planning, pre-storm preparation, an emergency response team and post-stoma inspection and repair procedures for their construction sites.

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