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adv.1.In a consubstantial manner; with identity of substance or nature.
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the nature of the African) or human personality is, the mythos is informing allegorically that the sexes are complementary parts that complete the other, consubstantially equal or the same in Divine essence, and lifelong obligated to the procreant function and the protective function as parents have to protect young offspring who, in turn, may have to protect aging parents.
moved to incorporate the text and be incorporated by it', a 'deranged body whose quest for order, narrativity, and history feeds upon itself -- consubstantially -- without ever achieving closure' (pp.
Objects, country, and people, regarded as consubstantially related instantiations of the Dreaming, would appear to collapse the structuralist distinction between 'paradigmatic association' and 'syntagmatic chain', between metaphor and metonym, harmony and melody, into a single phenomenon (in much the same way that myth does).