Consummation of marriage

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completion of the connubial relation by actual cohabition.

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Starting with the consummation of marriage, which begins the spiritual oneness that transforms two people into one, the authors share frank words about activities of the bedchamber in connection with scripture, with the hope all people can transform their marriages.
There was a little difference in the age at the marriage, age at the consummation of marriage and age at the birth of first child between the two groups of respondents, the scheduled castes being at the low level in terms of all the three variables.
The harassment includes demand for dowry, cruelty, abandonment of the woman on foreign shores and non- consummation of marriage, among others," she added.
The ultimate thesis of this book is that the gift of sexual intimacy has four main purposes: consummation of marriage, procreation, love, and pleasure.
When the consummation of marriage takes place five years later, she will be just 15 while her husband will be in his 80s
Chapter Four is an extensive study of aristocratic marriage rituals; Chapter Five addresses the consummation of marriage, the ensuing husband-wife relationship, and the conceptual tantric union between the husband (spiritual/heavenly) and wife (social/earthbound).
In Julius Kirshner's essay on dressing Renaissance brides, wifely wantonness constituted an important part of the eroticized rituals of the consummation of marriage, rituals situated within a larger context of social competition and conspicuous consumption.
There is no reason to suppose that an expert womanizer like January approaches the physical consummation of marriage with `growing apprehension' (p.