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 (kŏn′tăk′tər, kən-tăk′-)
An electrical relay used to control the flow of power in a circuit.


(Electronics) a type of switch for repeatedly opening and closing an electric circuit. Its operation can be mechanical, electromagnetic, or pneumatic


(ˈkɒn tæk tər, kənˈtæk tər)

a switch for continuously establishing and interrupting an electric power circuit.
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These contactors are suited for applications in harsh military and commercial electric vehicles, power distribution, energy and battery storage systems.
Further, it will be showcasing this new product and other innovative test contactors at the Burn-in & Test Strategies (BiTS) Workshop from 5th to 8th March in Mesa, Arizona.
Johnstech chose litigation only after it was unable to stop JF Microtechnology from providing infringing test contactors to customers.
Industries are second most growing application for vacuum contactors as there is growth in process industries such as paper & pulp, chemical, cement, and metal processing industries.
com)-- Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, offers Crydom's DRC3 Series of solid state contactors.
Reset power means that the aircraft has the power load applied, but the power is held at the contactors waiting to be distributed throughout the various systems.
Ametek K1 contactors manufactured during this time are potentially faulty and should be turned in.
He cautioned that Kelvin contactors and boards are more expensive than single-contact solutions and may require and more tester resources, potentially reducing the capacity for parallelism.
Carlo Gavazzi (Buffalo Grove, IL) has introduced its new complete range of IEC contactors, overloads, and accessories.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers in collaboration with colleagues at University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) produced appropriate nano membranes to be used in membrane contactors and analyzed their application in gas separation processes.
10 -- Phoenix Contact has launched Contactron family of solid-state contactors including reversing and non-reversing contactors in a variety of amperages.