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n.1.Existence at the same time; contemporaneousness.
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The new spacious compound, the shiny flights of stairs and the tightened security give it a touch of contemporariness.
Islamic Commercial Law: Contemporariness, Normativeness, and Competence
A major example of a surprising redesign and jump into office contemporariness is the lair of Securite Assurance, where a transformation to literal office transparency is in progress this year, with the implementation of interior glass walls and new staff amenities that seem right out of a manual for achieving better work-life balance.
The politics that Levinas proposes, despite that it is inspired by ethics, has the same form as any other politics--a place of togetherness with contemporariness of all the individuals and comparison between right or wrong.
The promised economic stimulus was to come via the malls convenience, product range, low prices, brands, glamour and contemporariness reducing escape expenditure and drawing in residents of nearby farms and towns that lacked such attractive places (ABC 2007; Cramarty, 2005; District Council of Renmark Paringa, 2005; Murray Pioneer, 2007; McLennan, 2007).
Although firmly set in 1859, certain remarks and the notions that underpin them resonate with formidable and frightening contemporariness.
This further emphasizes the contemporariness of the play's story Period costuming would have been distancing.
The selection of the research strategy depends on the controllability of variables, the contemporariness of the topic, and the study questions (Baxter and Jack, 2008).
The duty of the intellectual is not only to nourish the memory of the past but also to demonstrate the eternal contemporariness of the camps, their drastic immanence in the present.
When my friend and former colleague Govindankutty learnt that I was planning a paper on the contemporariness of Omchery's plays, this is what he commented in my Facebook Timeline: "Omchery is one man who doesn't age.
3) "Need for technical capacity building in the IT teams" (1) "Advancement performance, trends, agility, Perspective, Speed, future" (2) Light "Several administrative processes are currently Strength, Confidence, replicated digitally made through the system, Greatness, Respect, and physically on paper, which makes the Pattern, rework unnecessary" (1) Contemporariness, Updating "Technological Innovation Project which enables Investigation researches (faculty and students) in the SIGs / Curiosity, Magnifier UFRN and personnel qualification" (1) lens, Discovery, Expansion "Cyber Crimes committed on the UFRN Solidity, Closure, Network" (1) Height, Vertical "(.
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