a cappella

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a cap·pel·la

 (ä′ kə-pĕl′ə)
adv. Music
Without instrumental accompaniment.

[Italian : a, in the manner of + cappella, chapel, choir.]

a cappella


a capella

adj, adv
(Classical Music) music without instrumental accompaniment
[Italian: literally, according to (the style of the) chapel]

a cap•pel•la

(ˌɑ kəˈpɛl ə)
adv., adj.
without instrumental accompaniment.
[1875–80; < Italian: in the manner of a chapel (choir)]
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Adj.1.a cappella - sung without instrumental accompaniment; "they sang an a cappella Mass"
unaccompanied - playing or singing without accompaniment; "the soloist sang unaccompanied"
Adv.1.a cappella - without musical accompaniment; "they performed a cappella"
a cappella
a cappella
반주 없게
ad sacellum
a cappella

a cappella

adv singa cappella
adjA-cappella- attr inv
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having won more than 30 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards and performed for former Vice President Joe Biden.
Vocal Rush has released four CDs, "The Beginning" and "Shatter," both nominated for numerous Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards, including Best High School Album.
The Philippine Contemporary A cappella Society beams with pride as it presents 'Akapela,' a one-of-its-kind, one-night-only contemporary a capella concert featuring two of this generation's most talented and in-demand vocal acts in the country today namely: Pinopela and Baihana.
He has performed with everyone from the Rolling Stones to contemporary a cappella groups and is known for his new music as a composer and performer.
CARA, the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards, reward the best musicians of the industry who use their voice as their only instrument.
Yeah" also picked up the Contemporary A Cappella Recording award for Best Female Collegiate Arrangement and made it on to the Best of Collegiate A Cappella album.
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