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adv.1.In a contented manner.
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Donald Robinson Memorial Award Dan Patterson Angels of Death Contently.
The kidnapper and his brothers were contently threatening the parents of Saba to not recording statement at court against Iftikhar, if she do so, the consequences will be bitter relative of the deceased said.
More than 1500 detainees suffer from various diseases and health issues, largely resulting from the lack of medical attention, contaminated cells and rooms, torture and abuse, while 16 of them are contently living in the Ramla Prison Clinic, suffering from paralysis, diseases, and many require surgeries while outside doctors are not allowed to even examine them.
As we contently watched him through the spotting scope, the other rams in the band of eight slowly became visible through the mist in the trees.
Between 400 and 500 ringnecks, undoubtedly part of the mass exodus we'd seen earlier, were feeding contently on the coontail and other aquatic plants in the shallow 60-acre lake surrounded by woods, marsh grass and bogs.
s "The Daily," as assistant news editor at the Wall Street Journal, and managing editor at Contently, all in New York City.
Where IDNs could bleat contently around the marketing prospects of the term's fuzzy definition, ACOs cannot.
According to the Mirror, Reyes, a retired nurse, claimed that Suarez has not called her even though he must be aware of the happenings as he and his brother Paulo just do whatever their mother tells them, adding that she had lived contently for years in a flat, part of a home the star bought for his mother years ago in a beach resort.
It's all rolling green hills, hedgerows strewn with wildflowers, cows munching contently, church spires in the distance and chocolate box thatched cottages covered in wisteria.
On the other hand, there are some like Bollywood's King Khan, who is saddened at the thought of his late father and childhood memories with him and at the same time he is contently happy for his own children.
Certain number of urban designers and other professionals, criticize this kind of control as wrong, while courts support aesthetic regulations until they are contently neutral" (Stamps et al.