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present tense

The present tense is mostly used to identify the action of a verb as taking place in the present time. However, depending on which way we form the present tense, it can also be used to describe things that happened in the past, or even certain events that are planned to happen in the future.
There are four forms of the Present Tense that can accomplish these tasks.
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pres·ent tense

The verb tense expressing action in the present time, as in She writes; she is writing.
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Noun1.present tense - a verb tense that expresses actions or states at the time of speaking
tense - a grammatical category of verbs used to express distinctions of time
historical present - the use of the present tense to describe past actions or states
přítomný čas
jelen idő
czas teraźniejszy
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At the level of the sentence, this is prose that refuses the consolations of the realist mode: narrative unfolds in the continuous present and is characterised by ellipses like this.
It is not an event that has already occurred in the studio, of which the viewer takes note, but rather something in which the viewer participates, in a continuous present, almost as if to confirm, here and now, the work's vital manifestation in every moment.
Occasional full-frame snapshots of unknown people suggest a past, but everything else in Jake's world reveals a continuous present.
Evidence on the association between nutrition, obesity, physical activity and cancer is computed and analysed continuously, allowing scientists to assess the cumulative results of thousands of studies from around the world dating from the 1960s to the continuous present.
The novel is narrated in the continuous present which helps to establish an informal and conversational tone.
Like other Northeastern Neo-Aramaic (NENA) dialects, Khabur NA has grammaticalized a perfect and a continuous present from periphrases of past passive participle resp.
Gave us continuous present, gave us stream of consciousness, gave us collage and indeterminacy and plots that spun like dervishes.
Drama productions take place in a continuous present, with each voice following another.
Is it not more like a continuous present, reworking a lexicon of forms only occasionally to new purpose?
For that would simply not be a religious faith, but merely a political party, which has no semblance of respect for the Divine Being who has created and blessed every single one of us who shares this continuous present moment here on earth.
Many interpret the Mishkan to have been the metaphor for the Sabbath itself, a time-oriented event, occurring from dusk to dusk, where space had meaning only as it relates to time and to the continuous present of those who inhabit it.
Cottingham, 36, argues that the original formulation of the cogito in French must be read as employing not the simple present "I think" but the continuous present "I am thinking.

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