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Noun1.Contopus - peweesContopus - pewees          
bird genus - a genus of birds
superfamily Tyrannidae, Tyrannidae - New World tyrant flycatchers most numerous in Central America and South America but also in the United States and Canada
Contopus virens, pewee, wood pewee, peewee, peewit, pewit - small olive-colored woodland flycatchers of eastern North America
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Combined with our observations, seven of the 16 Contopus or Empidonax flycatcher species (Birds of North America; Poole 2005) have sufficient data to confirm fecal sac consumption.
Carpintero bellotero-Acorn 1 2, 3,4 & 5 Woodpecker) Melanerpes aurifrons: 1 1,2, 3& 4 (Carpintero chejc - Gulden-fronted Woodpecker) Picoides scalaris; 1 7 (Carpinterillo mexicano - Ladder - backed Woodpecker) Picoides villosus; (Carpintero 1 3&5 velloso mayor - Hairy Woodpecker) Colaptcs auratus; (Carpintcro 1 7 de peehera - Northern Flicker) ORDER PASSERIFORMES FAMILY TYRANNIDAE Contopus borealis; (Pibi boreal 2 3 - Olive-sided- Flycatcher) Contopus virens; (Pibi oriental 2 3 - Eastern Wood-Pewee) Empidonax sp.
villosus (Linnaeus), hairy I C woodpecker Sphyrapicus varius (Linnaeus), I R yellow-bellied sapsucker Order Passeriformes (passerine birds) Family Tyrannidae (flycatchers) Contopus cooperi (Nuttall), I R olive-sided flycatcher C.