Contour feathers

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(Zool.) those feathers that form the general covering of a bird.

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At 27 days, contour feathers were growing in the nape and rump.
The semiplumes were fully developed by day 20-23 but were covered over by the emerging contour feathers by day 28.
We collected 3-5 contour feathers, plucked from the body, and 2 sets of oropharyngeal and cloacal swabs from each duck at 24-hour intervals from days 2 through 10 postinoculation (pi).
Body or contour feathers cover down feathers to provide a smooth and waterproof surface.
The specimens from Liaoning show evidence that Confuciusornis had feathers along its leg, making this the earliest record of contour feathers, as distinct from flight feathers.
2010) found no difference in the strength variables they measured between rufous and gray contour feathers of Eastern Screech-Owls.
12) In described cases of eagles with this syndrome, all remiges and retrices are malformed, (9,13) and contour feathers are sometimes malformed to varying degrees as well.
Orioles at MBO were actively molting their contour feathers when the unusually-colored birds were first noted in early August 2006.