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In between them, like a front door-bell, rang out a scrambling soprano voice, probably a puppy's, and all these were capped by a bass voice, that of a grandfather, maybe, endowed with a sturdy dogged nature; for he was as husky as a contrabasso in a choir when a concert is at its height and the tenors are standing on tiptoe from passionate desire to utter a high note and everybody strains aloft with head uplifted, while he alone, tucking his unshaven chin into his tie, squatting almost to the ground, lets out a note at which the very window-panes shake and rattle.
Invece e proprio questo abisso di semplicita e ingenuita paesana che mettendo insieme uno sbruffone televisivo, Alessandro Gassman, un professore di matematica, Rocco Papaleo, uno studente di medicina fuori corso, Paolo Briguglia, un suonatore di contrabasso apparentemente muto, Max Gazze, sposta l'attenzione su una realta antropologica, sociale, culturale, praticamente ignorata dalla cinematografia.
What I can say is that when you are composing an opera there is tenor, baritone, contrabasso - it is different.