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a.1.Tending to contract; having the property or power or power of contracting.
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The future scenarios require frank dialogue and courageous confrontations putting a Nile Basin integrated community as top priority to address the current and latent challenges and at the same time work collectively to share the potential benefits of the expected positive and contractive transformation.
This is typically the beginning of the contractive phase of a populist cycle of this kind.
Under certain ratio of physical and geometrical parameters of the sheet element and heat source, in the sheet element there will arise contractive stresses, zones where the slot will make a contact at some area and at this area of slot faces there will arise contact stresses.
Furthermore, serum Ca plays a unique role in muscular contractive activities (Johansson, 1987; Van Breemen and Saida, 1989).
Although the early observations have been shown the negative relationship between the lactate concentrations and the production of the power during the muscular tiredness, but it does not have a direct effect on the contractive performance or the providence of the energy in this case.
In some cases, a solid industrial base helped economies to escape the dilemma of either chronic disequilibria or contractive deleveraging.
During the Volcker disinflation, the FOMC interpreted increases in member bank borrowing as contractive because nominal interest rates initially rose.
Scarcity and abundance of resources are contractive and expansive of life's possibilities and probabilities.
The second principle represents a policy of openness to the world, and engaging in regional contractive regional and international construction.
It also reaffirms the need to respect all the provisions of the 1954 Hague convention and its protocols by all the contractive states," he said.
For example, those miRNAs that have been shown to have an increased expression in the development of monocytes to macrophages and foam cells were often upregulated in the plaque (miR-146a, -146b-5p, -155, -21), and several miRNAs indicated in the contractive phenotype of VSMCs were also down-regulated (miR-10a, -133, -145), whereas those connected to the secreting phenotype were upregulated in the plaque tissue compared with healthy arteries (miR-146a, -21, -221).
Regard the boundary as if it would be a material layer characterized by a contractive energy per unit surface [gamma] = [[epsilon].