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a.1.Contradictory; inconsistent.
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After contradictive statements by the vest manufacturer and Toyobo(TM), followed by several lawsuits, NIJ has commenced a review of body armor liability.
1999) we observed that the influence of daidzein and zearalenone on lipolysis may be contradictive depending on their concentration and depending on the presence or absence of epinephrine.
Whether this quasi-pun abrading benevolent "sight" with bitter "spite" is justified or not depends on our recognizing Celan's downright ambivalent outlook, his contradictive doubleness of spirit after the European Jewish catastrophe.
In my analysis, I did not trace any evidence or indication contradictive to the statement claiming that the author does not go beyond the frame of the present prevailing when his work was published, rather does he reflect the modern present of Nepal in respect to social values and norms in this work.
This is contradictive of the theoretical expectation.
How contradictive to turn your enemy into a hero overnight.
This is untrue and contradictive to the increase of the customs revenues.
The fact that M2 has also soared appears contradictive as the increase in M2 should have been held down by the rush.
But MP Mohamed Al-Hazmi, a personal supporter of this decree whose party voted in favour of it, told the Yemen Times that "this decree came at an extraordinary time in line with the implementation mechanism of the GCC deal which was signed by both sides, and its 18th article stipulates that the mechanism overrides any contradictive constitutional articles to the GCC plan.
Sule described Council's stance as contradictive with the laws and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
The contradictive verdicts issued by the courts regarding the party's leadership did little to improve the situation.
There are also districts that provide contradictive evidence to our hypothesis (underlined in light gray color) such as Chicago (12) and Kansas.