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The position of a standing human figure whose weight is unequally distributed between the two legs, resulting in a slight curvature of the torso and a tilting of the pelvis and shoulders in opposite directions.

[Italian, past participle of contrapporre, to set opposite, contrast, from Latin contrāpōnere : contrā-, contra- + pōnere, to place; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -tos
(Art Terms) (in the visual arts) a curving or asymmetrical arrangement of the human figure with the shoulders, hips, and legs in different planes
[C20: from Italian, from the past participle of contrapporre, from Latin contra contra- + pōnere to place]
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He's the man who has put it all together, a concert programme beginning with an outfit called The Trio Contraposto on May 7 and ending with the Brinkburn String Quartet on September 4, with plenty of tempting musical attractions in between.
Desde o seu surgimento, a midia distribuida tem se contraposto atraves de seus usuarios a estes efeitos acachapantes de achatamento da diversidade cultural promovida pelos processos de inducao e falseamento de opiniao tipicos desta comunicacao unilateral onde poucos falam para muitissimos.
This restricted action ended up as the video, Walk with Contraposto (1968).