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a.1.Capable of being contributed.
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The central bank said the surge in CAD was largely contributable to a spike in productive imports (machinery, petroleum, metal and transport).
ii) Further, the Insurance Policy/Riot And Strike Endorsement would not cover any Loss or Damage, either directly or indirectly caused, or arising or contributable to Ionizing Radiation or Radio-activity Contamination from any Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear-waste Combustion.
This is contributable to the smaller amount of fuel added to the cycle as compression ratio increases and therefore cylinder volume at BDC decreases.
It means the center of the outermost beams actually be outside the trunk, which was also contributable to the overestimation of TC diameter.
Mr Middup said he would contact Michael Shersby and ask him to make sure he mentioned the drinking of Liverpool supporters was contributable to the tragedy when the debate took place.
In fact, of the top five leading causes of death for American Indians in Arizona, three are contributable to various forms of homicide (table 2).
UKPRwire, Wed Jul 10 2013] Minor value sales growth of small kitchen appliances was contributable to increased unit prices, as in volume terms, sales of this category continued to shrink in 2012 as well.
75) Importantly, Judge Williamson warned against the temptation to 'look at the separate parts of what was done and simply say there were jointly contributable arrangements.
Perth, Australia, Nov 19, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Northern Mining Limited (ASX:NMI) is pleased to advise that it has increased its holding in the East Kalgoorlie JV from 76% to 79% in consideration for past exploration expenditure contributable by Balagundi Gold Pty Ltd (Balagundi).
seem to create a spectrum of contributable ideas, inviting qualitative