Contribution plan

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Con`tri`bu´tion plan

1.(Life Insurance) A plan of distributing surplus by giving to each policy the excess of premiums and interest earned thereon over the expenses of management, cost of insurance, and the policy value at the date of computation. This excess is called the contribution of the policy.
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Public employers who choose to explore the potential of a conversion from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan must thoroughly analyze their current situation and determine the route that suits their community.
During the same period, they issued 11,853 defined contribution plan determination letters covering approximately 1.
The Retirement Plan Solution provides a clear solution to the problems that have popped up with the defined contribution plan.
Rocaton has extensive experience working with retirement plans of various sizes and types and has developed a particular expertise in decomposing and analyzing defined contribution plan expenses and assessing fund quality.
Mattoon cites Alaska, Michigan, and the District of Columbia as examples; they currently offer new hires only a defined contribution plan.
Assume further that the corporation is then acquired and the employee is transferred to the acquiring company which sponsors its own defined contribution plan.
MI are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to decide whether their employer's defined benefit plan or defined contribution plan best fits their individual retirement strategy.
Since the mid-1980s, 80 percent of newly established pension plans, primarily in the private sector, have been some form of defined contribution plan.
Dedicated Unit to Provide Companies With Full Spectrum of Defined Contribution Plan Consulting Services and Solutions
June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognizing that clear and understandable information about defined contribution plan fees are vital to employees in these plans, the Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets of the Association for Financial Professionals (CIEBA of AFP) today released an updated version of its primer on "Defined Contribution Fee Disclosure Best Practices.
56) In the case of a defined contribution plan, the maximum benefit allowed is a contribution of no more than 10 percent of the employee's compensation for the year.
With more than 19 years experience in the investment industry, he has developed investment policies and asset allocation strategies, and provided manager selection, defined contribution plan vendor selection and performance evaluation for some of the world's largest companies.
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