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One who attends a convention.


(ˌkɒnvɛnʃəˈnɪə) ,




chiefly US a person who is attending a convention


(kənˌvɛn ʃəˈnɪər)

1. a person, as a political delegate, who participates in a convention.
2. to participate in a convention.
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Noun1.conventioneer - someone who attends a convention
attendee, meeter, attendant, attender - a person who is present and participates in a meeting; "he was a regular attender at department meetings"; "the gathering satisfied both organizers and attendees"


[kənˌvenʃəˈnɪəʳ] N (esp US) → asistente mf a un congreso, congresista mf


n (esp US) → Konferenzteilnehmer(in) m(f)
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Sure, most of the guests in the Hotel Eastlund's 168 rooms may be conventioneers attending trade shows across the street, but there's nothing stopping you from taking the Portland Streetcar a few blocks south to the Central Eastside Industrial District, which we anointed the hottest artisanal-foods hood a few months back, or over the Broadway Bridge to the Pearl District.
38 million conventioneers who visit downtown Atlanta every year and provide crucial service to students from Georgia State University as well as the 688,000 patients who visit Grady Memorial Hospital and Children s Healthcare of Atlanta each year.
WREA), the franchise division of Weichert, Realtors, welcomed some 1,000 conventioneers to "a normal, healthy, robust real estate market" in his opening address at the 2014 Weichert National Convention.
This opportunity has a very high occupancy rate and pulls corporate, tourist, conventioneers and snowbird guests alike.
How do ya think conventioneers can find the Hospitality Room with the open bar in a 2,000-room hotel without a map?
Strippers across Tampa's many clubs were anticipating an orgy of business this week from the crush of conventioneers.
Tampa's old mercury vapor lamps created a dingy and dangerous environment, now the bright white Evolucia LED light allows conventioneers and residents to eat and socialize safely into the night.
What's more, the information about development and features of GstarCAD2013 was delivered to conventioneers, which aroused their great interest.
This hotel was designed for a lifestyle, not a demographic, and as a result, we believe that conventioneers, families, and leisure travellers will appreciate the open, intuitive design, casual atmosphere and practical amenities, such as free Wi-Fi and 24-hour food and beverage availability.
The drunks on seventeen, Three San Antonio conventioneers, Snoggle
This year's NBWA trade show was located in three rooms on two floors at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, a set-up that caused some initial confusion as conventioneers wandered between the upper and lower trade show rooms, Despite that, vendors generally gave the trade show a thumbs up.
Teams of conventioneers will set out on a treasure hunt in downtown Eugene on Saturday.