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n.1.One who enters into a convention, covenant, or contract.
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Next is the "Campus Conventionist," who views non-Black changes to tradition as negative.
To the Campus Conventionist, the mere presence of Pi Kappa Alpha on HU's campus, whether they do anything positive or negative, is a form of "symbolic violence.
Thus, to the Campus Conventionist, the Pikes are engaging in this form of imposition over a social order deemed to be appropriate and sufficient.
The next several chapters explore the failure of Francisco Madero's (1911-1913) short-lived liberal democracy and the resulting onset of the violent phase of the revolution, highlighted by the 1917 victory of Venustiano Carranza and Alvaro Obregon's Constitutionalist faction over that of the Conventionists of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.