a.1.Capable of being converted or changed.
2.Ready to converse; social.
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Examples include Aspect acquiring Voxeo, Avaya purchasing Conversive, and Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories (Genesys) buying Angel, SoundBite, and Echopass.
In dissociative disorder which occurs in relation with trauma, conversion disorder and conversive fainting are also observed frequently.
and Conversive announced today that they have strategically partnered to integrate co browse technology with Conversive's cutting edge customer care solutions.
Consequently, the relevance of conversive scholarly strategies is foregrounded.
They understand the material, the process and are conversive in the potter's vocabulary of technique.
The Conversive software leverages an organizations knowledge base of products, pricing and procedures into enabling them to create automated responses instantly to routine questions in a conversational format.
It is a stylistic device of biblical Hebrew when narrating a series of past events to begin the narration with an affix form of the verb and to continue it with a series of verbs in the prefix form with vav conversive.
In the first sense, predicate is opposed to semantic name/term; in the second, it is a conversive of (be an) argument of.
of % Referred Referral Reason Cases to CPO Severe psycholoogical symptoms (eating disorder; somatization; conversive reactions) 9 100.
But he or she should be conversive and have the ability to understand how the analysis works.