n.1.A female cook.
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The party consisted of the chief engineer and his assistant, level man, rodman, topographer, head chain man, rear chain man, stake artist, back flagman, two teamsters, cook and cookee, or assistant, and two draughtsmen.
On the morrow they did five miles of work, and while the surveyors were out, the camp was moved by the cook and cookee to a place called Davey's Ranch.
Born in Maine in the early 1870s, he started in the woods as a twelve-year-old cookee, and quickly distinguished himself by biting
As time went by, this woman was happy to launder our clothes, and I believe became quite friendly with the cook, Cookee, and draughtsman, Mr.
Newell Beam recalls how he started out at 15 as a cookee and washed dishes while the men in the bunkhouse swapped stories.
Randy Berger joins Webtradex while still serving as President/CEO of Cookee Inc.
Randy Berger joins the Company while still serving as President and CEO of Cookee, Inc.
COOKEES healthy cookery club is to restart at the Salvation Army Hall on Corporation Road, Grangetown, Cardiff, on Wednesday, April 23, from 1.