Cooks tour

Cook's′ tour′

a rapid, cursory tour of the major features of a place.
[1905–10; after Thomas Cook (1808–92), English travel agent]
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LEADING ROLES: Guy with wife Juliet and young son Oscar and, right, with Cooks Tour of Spain sidekick Tommi Miers; WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: Guy thrives in tough conditions; FUN IN THE SUN: Guy's filming in Spain saw him butcher a boar, above, and see the sights by horse-back
Gareth Johns and Ifan Dunn will jet out to Cape Town for the Tiger Brands 2003 World Cooks Tour for Hunger from August 16 to 24.
The all-expenses paid trip to South Africa to take part of the World Cooks Tour for Hunger was part of his prize for winning the Welsh title ``I am really looking forward to the trip and working with chefs from around the world,'' he said.
The pair will join nearly 150 chefs, representing 33 countries,for a week of food festivals,cooking demonstrations and fundraising events in Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal,for the Tiger Brands 2003 World Cooks Tour for Hunger from August 16 to 24.
Yet this tableau of horse-drawn omnibuses, coaches, carts, bicycles, and ubiquitous Cooks Tour advertisements is more than one of moment: it validates an epoch of Britain's prosperity and London's greatness.
Ifan's prize is a 10-day trip to South Africa as part of the Wales Cooks Tour for Hunger team.
The Arkansas Cancer Research Center Auxiliary will sponsor its annual Cooks Tour April 28-30 on Armistead and Edgehill roads in the Heights.
They will prepare three and four course meals with a Slovenian flavour as part of a World Cooks Tour for Hunger.
There he will take part, with 20 other trainee chefs,in the world cooks tour for hunger in August.
Ifan will be travelling to South Africa in August to join chefs from 20 countries for the World Cooks Tour for Hunger.
She has been barred from joining him on his forthcoming Cooks tours to North America and China (because he declined to pay her fares) and she is not even in line for an invite to state banquets because she has no official status (unlike the homosexual partner of Chris Smith, the Culture Secretary).
Thus brotherly or readerly anxieties may be correlated with the encompassing cultural anxieties traced through this history of the idea of tourism, where fear frequently anticipates, rather than reflects, further developments: the proponents and critics of Cooks tours, of the Murray and Baedeker handbooks, and of other new presences in the tourists' world often characterized their effects in sweeping terms of cultural gain or loss even when the businesses had barely begun to exert authority over travel experience' (p.