Cooling time

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(Law) such a lapse of time as ought, taking all the circumstances of the case in view, to produce a subsiding of passion previously provoked.
- Wharton.

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The carrousel rotates and controls flaming automatically and prevents the use of hot inoculation loops by displaying the remaining cooling time and the removal positions of cool inoculation loops.
Unfortunately most molders still use trial and error to establish an adequate cooling time every time they are faced with molding a new part.
A pressure control knob allows operator to lock position during cooling time for better joint integrity.
During injection molding, it offers a wide operating window with shorter cooling time, less risk of crystallization, and ease of demolding.
of indexing and cooling time, the molds are automatically dumped onto a shakeout that discharges the castings onto a conveyor and then into a water quench.
The saving of space has also enabled Bahlsen to improve the quality of wafers, as it was possible to lengthen the cooling tunnel and, with that, the product cooling time, which contributes towards improving the product quality.
PP FPH50 is a homopolymer which SABIC says can increase output by up to 20 per cent because of its faster injection and increased crystallisation speed which brings a reduced cooling time.
Tested processing conditions are the packing pressure, packing time, cooling time, filling time, melt temperature, and wall temperature.
The optimum cooling time is determined, and the signal is sent to the injection molding machine.
The AMK-PPT's production characteristics include adjustable viscosity, short final cooling time, maximum contraction, unique gloss, and fine-grained crystal structure.
Setup Xpert Cooling Time Routine -- specifically optimizes and minimizes cooling time and overall cycle time.