Cooperative store

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a store established by a coöperative society, where the members make their purchases and share in the profits or losses.

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Indeed, so many things were spilled and dropped upon the bed that toward night-time it had become a sort of small cooperative store.
He's a tramp - laziest man I ever knew, though he's clerking, or trying to, in a socialist cooperative store for six dollars a week.
Tenders are invited for Upgradation Of Cooperative Store Near Dispensary, Upgradation Of Canteen Toilet And Renovation Of Old Sumpwell At Rie Campus Bhopal Mp.
Talking to this scribe at his Cooperative Store residence on Monday, he said, the Punjab government was utilizing inland and outland resources for production of energy and emphasis being laid on completion of ongoing power projects.
Nextcolour has applied to Swansea Council to change the use of a first floor location above the Cooperative store on Mumbles Road.
Palabay said the paramilitary outfit had also burnt down Mapasu's cooperative store, accused Alcadev of being a CPP-NPA's recruitment centre and forced Hanayan residents to abandon their homes in two days after threatening to kill them.
Historic documents and artefacts dating back to 1890 have been discovered at Shepley Cooperative store, above left |
Talking to party workers and delegations at his Cooperative Store office on Thursday, he said the government had provided an additional budget for the provision of health services in the province.
Local shopping includes a Cooperative store, while Gosforth offers an Asda Superstore and Sainsbury's at the High Street's shopping Centre.
Eloise Hutchinson, 19, bought a Lucky Dip on New Year's Eve from the Cooperative store where she works.
Ultimately, the company store was transformed into a union-orientated cooperative store based on the Rochdale system.
Pula, Quabbin and Ware River watershed director, said Leverett Police Chief Gary Billings had called him to inquire about a poster that had been put up in the Leverett Village Cooperative store.

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