Coopers hawk

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Coo′per's hawk′

a North American hawk, Accipiter cooperii, having a gray back and a rusty breast.
[1820–30, Amer.; after William Cooper (d. 1864), U.S. ornithologist]
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Prior to that, he held senior finance roles at Coopers Hawk, TopGolf, and Bar Louie, after spending 12 years in public accounting at Crowe Horwath.
The long-standing, industry-revered contest is a coveted honor and the panel of experts included those highly-regarded in the gourmet food industry including Fresh Direct, Whole Foods Market, the Wall Street Journal and Coopers Hawk Restaurant & Winery to name a few.
Since the beginning of June, the dead raptors include two great horned owls, a Coopers hawk, a red-tailed hawk and a red-shouldered hawk, Savaikie said.