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A village of east-central New York west-southwest of Schenectady. It was founded in 1787 by William Cooper, the father of James Fenimore Cooper, who used the region as the setting for his Leatherstocking Tales. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is here.


(ˈku pərzˌtaʊn, ˈkʊp ərz-)

a town in central New York: location of National Baseball Hall of Fame. 2342.
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Noun1.Cooperstown - a small town in east central New YorkCooperstown - a small town in east central New York; site of the National Baseball Hall of Fame
National Baseball Hall of Fame - a Hall of Fame and museum in Cooperstown, New York, honoring great baseball players
Empire State, New York State, NY, New York - a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
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1789, and died at Cooperstown, New York (which took its name from his father), 14th Sept.
Part is because of the location of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, in bucolic Cooperstown, New York.
The league hasn't lifted the ban but has allowed teams to honor Rose individually if they so choose, however, he is not eligible for the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.
1839: Abner Doubleday was credited with inventing baseball in Cooperstown, New York.
Kukenberger, MT, of Cooperstown, New York, was certified in 1994.
Ms Jones' representative, Judy Miller Silverman, said the singer died in hospital in Cooperstown, New York, on Friday after suffering pancreatic cancer.
LICONY held its 15th Annual Legislative & Regulatory Conference on October 7-9, 2015 at The Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, New York, with over 200 in attendance.
It was accepted as tenderfoot member of WAGGGS during the 11th World Conference at Evian, France, in 1946 and became a full member during the 12th World Conference in Cooperstown, New York, in 1948.
Lane papers, BA MSS 36, National Baseball Hall of Fame Library, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown, New York.
In 1936, the first inductees of baseball's Hall of Fame, including Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, were named in Cooperstown, New York.
The exhibit, "Babe Ruth: His Life and Legend," opened at America's baseball shrine in Cooperstown, New York, in 2014, marking the 100th anniversary of Ruth's big-league debut.
The US President, who will be donating the jacket, was at the Hall in Cooperstown, New York, where he admitted to know that the jeans he wore to throw out the first pitch had garnered quite a bit of media attention, but said that Michelle gave up on them quite a while back, Politico reported.