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 (kō-pĭ′bə, -pā′-)
A transparent, often yellowish, viscous oleoresin obtained from South American trees of the genus Copaifera in the pea family, used in certain varnishes and as a fixative in some perfumes.

[Spanish, from Portuguese copaíba, from Tupí cupaiba.]


(kəʊˈpaɪbə) or


(Elements & Compounds) a transparent yellowish viscous oleoresin obtained from certain tropical South American trees of the leguminous genus Copaifera: used in varnishes and ointments. Also called: copaiba balsam or copaiba resin
[C18: via Spanish via Portuguese from Tupi]


(koʊˈpeɪ bə, -ˈpaɪ bə)

an oleoresin obtained from several tropical, chiefly South American trees belonging to the genus Copaifera, used chiefly in varnishes and lacquers and in cleaning oil paintings.
[1705–15; < Sp < Portuguese < Tupi cupaiba]
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Noun1.copaiba - an oleoresin used in varnishes and ointmentscopaiba - an oleoresin used in varnishes and ointments
oleoresin - a naturally occurring mixture of a resin and an essential oil; obtained from certain plants
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For Johnson, the most interesting item found at the site was a bottle filled with copaiba oil, a natural remedy used at the time to treat stomach cancers and ulcers.
COPAIBA OIL ( Trees up to 30ft high which accumulate oil in their trunks, which is tapped by drilling holes.
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