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n.1.A chapman; a dealer; a merchant.
He would have sold his part of paradise
For ready money, had he met a copeman.
- B. Jonson.
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Daniel Copeman, Head of Computing, Business Studies and Economics,
Pictured: Arriva bus drivers with Chris Copeman and his guide dog Pablo
Andrew Copeman, a payments analyst at Aite Group, commented, "The world of payments is at the start of a process of change more fundamental than ever before.
De Boer SH, Copeman RJ and H Vruggink Serogroups of Erwinia carotovora potato strains determined with diffusible somatic antigens.
7) In fact, as Vice Admiral Thomas Copeman, addressing the specifics of a misconduct event as Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.
According to Michael Copeman, medical adviser of Rinehart, the oncology and specialist hospital would have 20 beds of which two would be reserved for Darwin residents.
She was born in Cambridgeshire where her father George was a partner in law firm Metcalfe, Copeman and Pettefar.
based Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has named Scott Murphy as president and CEO, replacing Darwin Copeman, who will be retiring next year.
From the Twitter point of view, there is a limit to their appetite for getting involved in payments processing itself," said Andrew Copeman, a payments analyst with financial services research firm AITE Group, who is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
To look briefly at the factual errors, of which there are mercifully few: some may be self-evidently a slip of the pen (Nicola Sweeney is quite definitely not 'brother of lutenist Richard Sweeney'); others are careless mistakes which an assiduous checker would have spotted: Dinah Molloy, not Dinah Copeman, compiled Find Your Music in Dublin.
Hubley, Copeman, and Woodall (health promotion and nutrition, Leeds Metropolitan U.
CRA assessment areas should be the principal, rather than the exclusive areas in which banks make their community development investments," said Fred Copeman, CohnReznick principal and national director of the firm's Tax Credit Investment Services (TCIS) practice.