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(ˈkɒp ərˌmaɪn)

a river in N Canada, central Northwest Territories, flowing N to the Arctic Ocean. 525 mi. (845 km) long.
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This stream in which he stood was a feeder to the Coppermine River, which in turn flowed north and emptied into Coronation Gulf and the Arctic Ocean.
He had been making north by east, away from the Dease Divide and into the Coppermine Valley.
Coppermine, "on rock ledges," Oldenburg 43-617 (GH).
A Holyhead Coastguard spokeswoman said the trio came ashore at Coppermine Creek, a point which can only be accessed by sea.
In 1973 we received a newspaper clipping indicating that he had produced a new sound film in colour entitled "A New Spring in Coppermine.
The pro version of Linux Commerce currently includes the following applications and more additionally: the e-commerce applications CubeCart, Zen Cart, OpenCart, and TomatoCart; the vtiger CRM solution; the newsletter tools phpList and poMMo; and the photo galleries Coppermine, Zenphoto, Piwigo, Pixelpost, and 4images.
On March 15, they reached Cambridge Bay, the most northerly point of their trek, and then turned south to Coppermine and Port Radium.
Recruited by Getty Oil straight out of the University of Toronto, armed with a geography degree, Strapp missed graduation because he was performing geophysics work in the Northwest Territories on the Coppermine River.
For instance, in Fraser's exhaustive and sometimes exhausting account of a long-ago canoe trip she, a then healthy Dave and two other paddlers took along the Coppermine River in the Canadian Arctic, we get dictionary definitions of geographical features, snippets of history from earlier expeditions and even a camping-equipment-catalogue-style description of "a small Eureka expedition tent with a tension-sprung dome and a porch, side pockets, a little window in the roof, and a net bag that hung down between us to hold precious things.
I'll bet you Coppermine against Ned's secret, one heat of one mile.
40pm when the blue BMW careered off the road near the Coppermine pub.