Copy book

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a book in which copies are written or printed for learners to imitate.

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Pieces of bark and flat leaves and even smooth stretches of bare earth provided him with copy books whereon to scratch with the point of his hunting knife the lessons he was learning.
Slightly blotted his copy book with a woeful dive 8 ROSS BARKLEY A powerful and slick outing.
Tenders are invited for Printout Photo copy Book Winding of Tender documents work at division PHE Sehore Distt Sehore
Batting in a copy book fashion, Arun defied Zebras bowlers despite a six haul by legspinner Mansoor Ahmed.
A day before the 10th anniversary of his United debut, Rooney blotted his copy book with a reckless lunge on Stewart Downing deep inside the hosts' half.
After being arrested and put on bail over the incident, Havelin blotted his copy book still further by punching an ex-girlfriend in the face after spotting her in the street.
Huddersfield are another team who have hit the ground running with a defeat at Nottingham Forest the only blot on their copy book.
Hill blotted his copy book by backing away from one delivery with what appeared to be a fly in his eye and then proceeded to leave his helmet at square leg - as if he was settling in for a test match length innings - before he retired three balls later.
His clean ride on the slippy exit of seven displayed copy book style of coach and mentor, father Stewart, and was only matched by Brian Alcock.
His copy book was blotted for failing to spot the onset of the financial crisis and then dragging his feet in acting to pump cash into the economy as it sunk into recession.
However, defensive uncertainly blotted their copy book as former Exeter and Weymouth striker Lee Phillips bagged a double for the visitors.
In addition, Crystal Productions has seen fit to publish a hard copy book consisting of the same story.