Copying paper

Related to Copying paper: carbon paper
thin unsized paper used for taking copies of letters, etc., in a copying press.

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Contract notice: framework agreement for printing and copying paper
3,000 tonnes (about 600,000,000 sheets) of recycled copying paper and approx.
Contract notice: Framework contract for the purchase and supply of printing and copying paper.
Contract notice: Supply and commissioning of printing and copying systems (lot 1), delivery and commissioning of printing systems (lot 2) and supply of printing and copying paper (lot 3).
Supply and delivery of office copying paper, copying paper recycled for all the cash deposits and sites of specific papers for the workshops of impressions and the cash deposit productions.
This machine produces carbonless copying papers and has a trim width of 3750 mm.
The University of Cologne procured for himself and affiliated colleges copying papers and shipping materials.