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n.1.(Geol.) A deposit of coralliferous limestone forming a portion of the middle division of the oölite; - called also coral-rag.
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The pre-drill primary target reservoir horizons were the Portland Sandstone, which is productive in the nearby Brockham oil field, and the Corallian Formation, which is the producing horizon in the Palmers Wood oil field.
Horse Hill-1 will test a number of conventional stacked oil targets at the proven productive Portland sandstone, Great Oolite limestone and Corallian sandstone levels.
During 1991 the Palmers Wood field had a high production of 1400 BOPD, with the reserves being located within the upper Jurassic rocks of the Corallian Bed.
the Corallian Sandstone at about 3,440 feet TVD ss.
productive Portland sandstone, Corallian sandstone and Great Oolite
in the Jurassic Portland Sandstone and the Corallian Sandstone.
Potential probably also exists in the Corallian sands sealed by the