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 (kôr′əl-ro͞ot′, -ro͝ot′, kŏr′-)
Any of several terrestrial, saprophytic, chiefly New World orchids of the genus Corallorhiza having yellowish-green to purplish-brown leafless stems and small flowers.

[From the corallike appearance of its branched rhizomes.]


(Plants) any N temperate leafless orchid of the genus Corallorhiza, with small yellow-green or purple flowers and branched roots resembling coral
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Noun1.coralroot - European bittercress having a knotted white rootstockcoralroot - European bittercress having a knotted white rootstock
bitter cress, bittercress - any of various herbs of the genus Cardamine, having usually pinnate leaves and racemes of white, pink or purple flowers; cosmopolitan except Antarctic
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FLOWERING Coralroot orchid - one of the unusual plants of the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve.
Among these ancient rock formations, and hardly noticed by even the most ardent outdoorsman, is the rare limestone-loving fern and, rarer still, the southern crested coralroot orchid, known in West Virginia only in Smoke Hole.
It harbors a variety of botanical rarities for Virginia, including the spotted coralroot orchid and northern star flower.