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 (kôr′kə-vä′dō, kôr′kô-vä′do͝o)
A mountain, 705 m (2,310 ft) high, of southeast Brazil overlooking Rio de Janeiro. A popular tourist attraction, it has a cog railroad and is topped by the enormous concrete statue Christ the Redeemer.


1. (Placename) a volcano in S Chile, in the Andes. Height: 2300 m (7546 ft)
2. (Placename) a mountain in SE Brazil, in SW Rio de Janeiro city, famous for a massive statue of Christ the Redeemer. Height of mountain: 704 m (2310 ft)


(ˌkɔr kɔˈvɑ dʊ)

a mountain in SE Brazil, S of Rio de Janeiro: statue of Christ on peak. 2310 ft. (704 m).
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The house in which I lived was seated close beneath the well-known mountain of the Corcovado.
I was often interested by watching the clouds, which, rolling in from seaward, formed a bank just beneath the highest point of the Corcovado.
As this storm passed over the forests which surround the Corcovado, the sound produced by the drops pattering on the countless multitude of leaves was very remarkable, it could be heard at the distance of a quarter of a mile, and was like the rushing of a great body of water.
A cable car at Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio De Janeiro; The statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain; A typical Baroque church in Ouro Preto; A view over Belo Horizonte which is said to have more bars per head than any other city in Brazil; Sunrise at Rio's Copacabana beach; Pousada Mondego Hotel is a family-run former 18th century mansion
The first glass-sided car takes you to Urca Hill, 215 metres above sea level with a wonderful view over Guanabara Bay and Corcovado hill.
Corcovado has been celebrated in song, film, and prose, used to adorn the covers of countless magazines, books, and albums, and replicated in innumerable paintings and objets d'art.
Tonight, the teams head to Rio de Janeiro, where they race to Corcovado, the immense statue of Christ atop a mountain - Blake opines, ``We didn't even take the time to look at it'' - and onto Paqueta Island and Sugarloaf Mountain.
A riverbank picnic in Foz de Iguacu, Parana, June festivities on the Costa do Sauipe in Bahia, breakfast on Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, and a visit to Sao Paulo's Municipal Market with a chef of haute cuisine serving as guide, these are just a few of the differentiated programs.
En el marco de la reducciEn en la fragmentaciEn de hEibitats y el mejoramiento en la cobertura de la zona de conectividad (Corredor BiolEgico Osa) entre el Parque Nacional Corcovado, los ecosistemas de la Reserva Forestal Golfo Dulce y el Parque Nacional Piedras Blancas, el proyecto pretende coadyuvar en la disminuciEn y mitigaciEn de las prEicticas culturales negativas en la comunidad de Rancho Quemado, tales como la cacerE[degrees]a, la tala y el mal manejo de los residuos, asE[degrees] como promover el emprendedurismo mediante el desarrollo de iniciativas comunitarias en agroecoturismo.
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