Cord wood

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wood for fuel cut to the length of four feet (when of full measure).

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Then there was the smell of hundreds of dead Japanese troops, "just stacked on the ground, just like cord wood," he remembers.
About 10 years ago, she and her husband began selling eggs and cord wood from their Boylston property, then added pigs, sheep, turkeys and beef cattle to the growing farm.
When purchasing cord wood, you can expect the price to include cutting and splitting, but not necessarily handling and delivery.
Building cord wood barns, towers and domes was exciting.
When the war ended in Europe, returning Alabama Baptist soldiers recounted the grisly details of death camps where bodies "were stacked like cord wood.
Wood pellet and cord wood use in Connecticut grew a staggering 122% in the ten-year period and over 95% in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island.
Rural communities do not benefit from a natural gas pipeline, and many in the rural communities utilize pellets and cord wood to supplement their energy needs.
Reports from sport divers on some reefs on the edge of the dead zone indicated an amazing number of fish, so concentrated that they appeared to be "stacked like cord wood," Nielson said.
They are easy to operate, burn cleaner than cord wood, gas or oil, have very low outside air particulate emissions, and help homeowners live greener by heating with renewable fuel.
During the last five years our small group (Louise Bouchard, Thomas Lewandowski, Judith Manning, interim 2010 president Michelle Petraitis, Ellen Smith, Joe and Patricia Zegarra, and me) has helped provide heat - oil, gas, electric, pellets, propane, cord wood - to over 50 families during the cold winter months.
As one passerby said "They are stacked up everywhere like cord wood.